Age of Thrivcot

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Thrivcot roughly translates to “Unknown Date” in Draconic, the scholarly language of the Azure Triskele’s material planes. The age of Thrivcot is considered by most to be a wildly incomplete, and rather questionable collection of accepted truths. Due to the over-zealous actions of those within religious conflicts, most all texts or information regarding the Thrivcot are burned, dismantled, or otherwise destroyed. Many of the members of the Bearers of the Mark guild, still maintain that such information is highly heretical, subject to extreme scrutiny, and ought to be locked away for Kinfolk safety.

1st Thrivcot: The Great Brilliant Ones begin to sever. Color and Shade are divided. The Blood War begins. One Third of the Great Brilliant Ones maintain their color. One Third of the Great Brilliant ones grow dark. One third of the Great Brilliants ones grow dim, and divide themselves from the Blood War.

2nd Thrivcot: The Great Brilliant Ones cast down a member of their kind, Asmodeus, the first Betrayer. Below the Great Brilliant Palaces Asmodeus makes a fell home.

3rd Thrivcot: The Great Brilliant Ones divide the efforts of the Shades. The Wild and Stern Shades fight amongst themselves. The Second Blood War begins in the Dark Palaces Below.

4th Thrivcot: The Great Brilliant Ones eternally tied as reflection to mirror, divide amongst themselves, and Disorder comes to the Great Brilliant Palaces.

5th Thrivcot: The Great Brilliant Ones call for peace, and sign the Pact Primeval with Asmodeus and the Shades. The Second Blood War ends. Peace is tenuous and brief.

6th Thrivcot: The Great Brilliant Ones are tricked by Asmodeus and the continuing struggle between the Bright and Shade becomes a quiet game of faith and devotion amongst the mortals.

7th Thrivcot: The Great Shades are discontent with mortal souls. They begin fighting amongst themselves, and continue the Third Blood War in their Dark Palaces Below.

Age of Thrivcot

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