Bearers of the Mark

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Bearers of the Mark
The Bearers of the Mark (or just The Bearers) is the Syndicate Licensed organization of religious leaders, rule-makers, and policy setters. The society’s origins are murky at best, but it is agreed that the seven Dastur and Vizier of the Bearers have been meeting behind closed doors for centuries. The group request and was permitted licencing in 1064 Eorikc Ulharisk. The function of the Bearers is primarily to provide the Churches in power with a voice in the current structure of the Syndicate system.

Most of this organization’s activities are the basic duties of any of the clergy of any temple or church, but there are eight members of the Bearers who are specifically not members of the churches they represent; The Seven Dastur and the one Vizier.

The Dastur, while not recognized as religious leaders, are very much the highest form of authority over the churches and temples of the world. The direct goings on of the Dastur and the Vizier are often clandestine at best, but often include officiating philosophical beliefs, structuring religious practices, and writing policy for each of their churches. There is also a good deal of diplomatic exchange and compromise offered through the Dastur. One of the most influential powers of the Dastur is to validate faiths as either a Deus Major or a Deus Minor. Those faiths which disturb the Dastur or oppose their philosophical beliefs are named Daemon Heretica, and are hunted out by the Bearers at all costs.

Deus Major: The seven major gods of creation and their specific churches.
Deus Minor: Temples to various lesser gods and saints.
Daemon Heretica: Faiths of ill-repute that worship false or dead gods.

The Vizier of Marv, (Voice of all Heretics), is a curious position in the Bearers of the Mark. Because, for a time known to mortals, Marv was among the Deus Major, a space within the highest echelons of the Bearers was provided, but Marv was a curious god that destroyed himself in order to be more fearful in the eyes of his worshipers. This left Marv, by definition a Heretical God to worship, but the Dastur feared his retribution, and provided the role of Vizier in his honor. The Vizier has no political sway with the Dastur, but is allowed equal speaking ground, and is given carte blanche to say anything at all. For this reason the Vizier of Marv has taken on a role not unlike a fool at court. The Vizier of Marv speaks on behalf of all Daemon Heretica.

While the Bearers originally worked to keep the Torklynn-centric religions as the Major and Minor Deus, over time they’ve grown more diverse in their acceptance of the Minor Deus, allowing various gods of Abterlien and Athodux to participate as Deus Minor.

Officials within the Bearers of the Mark

  • Dastur Orinheim: Final Voice.
  • Dastur Haston: Voice of Knowledge and Execution.
  • Dastur Hollingsworth: Voice of War and Wealth.
  • Dastur Agasil: Voice of Fire and Debauchery.
  • Dastur Ornamil: Voice of Earth and Elves.
  • Dastur Krolot: Voice of Dragons and Magic.
  • Dastur Marthan: Voice of Travel and Inspiration.
  • Vizier of Marv: Voice of all Heretics.
  • Below the Dastur and Vizier, each “membership” and “ranking” is based on the church/temple’s workings.

Bearers of the Mark

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