Character Creation Basics

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Assigning Ability Scores

Characters can follow anyone of the three methods outlined below to generate their ability scores.

Elite Array: 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10
Players who wish to have a better spread of ability-scores, or simply don’t wish to take the time to generate ability scores, may take the elite array; assigning the following numbers to their ability scores: 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8.

28 Point Buy
Players may wish to manipulate their ability scores, offering them more customization, however at a cost. The Point Buy system is intentionally designed so that it is a lower total outcome than the array. The players has 28 points to spend on their ability scores. The cost of each score is shown below. For example, a score o f 14 costs 7 points. Using this method, 15 is the highest ability score a character can end up with, before applying racial increases. A character can’t have a score lower than 8.

Ability Score Point Cost
8 0
9 1
10 2
11 3
12 4
13 5
14 7
15 9

Roll 7(3d6): Drop Lowest Outcome
Some players may yearn for an 16 or higher in their ability scores, if they are interested in taking a chance, they are welcome to attempt an Iron-Core roll. Iron-core rolling is simple, the player rolls 3d6 seven times, and keep the best 6 outcomes to distribute to their ability scores. This must be done with the game master present.

Roll 3d6 7 times. Drop the lowest outcome.

HP Increases

Characters can follow either of the two methods outlined below to increase their HP as they level up. (At first level all Player Characters gain maximum possible hit points). Regardless of the method chosen the character always gains their Constitution Modifier to hit points as normal.

The character gains the mean average of their hit die when gaining a new level. The half is not rounded off, but does not apply to hp. For example a character’s rogue levels would add +4.5 to hp, but this would in effect be +4 every even level, and +5 every odd level.

Chancier character may choose to roll their hit die for hp increase, but must accept the outcome of the roll, even if it is a 1.

Character Creation Basics

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