Cosmology of Azuria

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The planes of The Azuria Triskele are large orbs of existence, that are all connected through the shadow-currents of the Astral Sea.

The Astral Sea Where the shadow currents move the great planes. Strange things live in the unknown in-between space. The environment is incredibly hostile to life, but vessels can be constructed to physically traverse the planes. These vessels are known as jammers.
The Great Maze is a demi-plane of the Astral Sea, where all souls must pass through in order to let go of their worldly thoughts, emotions, and similar impurities.

The Prime 3
Athodux A desert plane of hostile environments and unstable magic, psionic powers seem to function normally. This plane is ruled primarily by God-Kings known as Mud-Sorcerers and terrible Dragon-lords.
Abterlien A lush and vibrant plane where invention and mystery seem to thrive. Homeland of most Drymin and sentient constructs. Societies tend to be small and relatively isolated.
Torklynn A vast plane of temperate climates, filled with kingdoms, empires, and political intrigue. Most all of the guilds grew from this plane.

The Satellites
The Satellites are small demi-planes that can be tricky to get into, but often hold secret worlds that have very little knowledge of the outside world.
Rievclif A dark and mysterious world where the inhabitants live in constant fear of their dark masters, the Grey Barons. Rumor has it that both Deities and Chthonians cannot peer into this realm. This may be true, for Divine Magic and Eldritch powers seem to fail regularly here. All the same, even Arcane Magic is tainted, and often drives its users to detrimental mental states of rage and fury.
Plorehax A curious gritty world where magic breaths and lives, but seems to come and go. Invention has thrived here in ways that would make the entire rest of the planes jealous. Secret Dragon Guardians of incredible power guard the gates into this realm with a stubborn stance of “no admittance.”
Arj Tinzin An odd land where magic is either dead, or heavily tainted with peculiar arcane pollution. Few who go in ever return, but their tales are always wild, and full odd wonder.
Sergialdo A dusty plane where invention is fairly well developed, and magic seems in, but thinner than elsewhere, violence seems to rule this land, as well as alchemical prowess. Strange ores can be mined here, but are heavily protected by those that have claims to them.

The Azure Void
The Azure Void is a brilliant blazing star that can be seen at almost all hours on most planes, it is the central focus of the planar cosmology, around which the three prime material planes orbit in a triskelion pattern.

The Elemental Planes
Elemental Plane of Fire The Solar Entity, This plane is not only the plane of fire but also the sun.
Elemental Plane of Water Lunagua, the lesser moon [The Lover’s Moon]
Elemental Plane of Earth Lunatierra, the Great moon [The Master Moon]
Elemental Plane of Air Lunarre, the Great Rings [The Mad Moon]
Elemental Plane of Positive Energy A Bright Star of Sorts.
Elemental Plane of Negative Energy A Dark Spot of Sorts.

The Outer Planes
Seven Mounting Heavens of Arcadia The Land of the Devas
Twin Paradises of Bytopia The Boarder between Arcadia & Elysium
Twelve Blessed Fields of Elysium The Land of the Archons
The Infinite Abyss The Land of the Demons
Gray Wastes of Carceri Unclaimed plane between the Devils & Demons
The Nine Hells of Baator The Land of the Devils
The Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus Land of Inevitables
Ever-Changing Chaos of Pandemonium Land of the Slaad

The Far Reaches
The Far Reaches Incredibly distal parts of the Astral Sea, where other potential planes may exist but may be impossible to travel to. This is where [Aberrations] seem to come from.

Cosmology of Azuria

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