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This page is incredibly spotty, but filled with notes about the various cultures of the worlds….

Gerudo Culture

Culture Location Brief Description
Necropolis City of Undead trying to avoid stigma and assault
Menta Islands Abterlien Cyclopse Populated Islands of Shepherds and Fisherfolk
Cathca Septro Abterlien A walled fortress of xythian technology just outside of the xythian jungles. ’Forged populated
Xythian Jungle Abterlien Overgrown ancient ruins of great and impressive technology, incredibly difficult to study language
Delphai Abterlien Oddly far away from the Xythian jungle, A monolithic spire of unrefined mythral, leading up several miles , with a spiral staircase around etched in little xythian runes, tended to by mysterious cult of Delphai, silent monks that become violent if Delphai or her spire are disturbed. Atop is the temple to a great mechanical oracle, Delphai, who answers questions with uncanny accuracy…. at a cost. A cost dictated by the nature of each question.
Sandálua B’ahluro Abterlien A Democratic Republic of a city state that values philosophy and logic, Bahit Populated
Zilliah, Capital City Torklynn Capital City of the Zynthian Empire, under the Purple Dragon Banner of Queen Desdemona
Eagrose Torklynn Trade capital of the Zynthian Empire, a convergence of trails lead through Eagrose, but few go around
The Seas Incarnadine Torklynn A collection of unmapable Islands, far to the east of Continental Torklynn. In turmoil from war and occupation
The Skiplands Torklynn Cold rolling hills where stone structures and feral warriors roam. Technically a part of the Zynthian empire, but very loosely controlled and owned. Shapeshifters are common
Mirror Desert Athodux A larger sister settlement to the Gerudo’s Spirit Desert Fortress, a large city of Gerudo with their equine breeding coral, and throne…
Spirit Desert Athodux Gerudo owned and run fortress, where they can pay homage to their ancient ways
Reedway Flats Athodux Kreen populated area where water bubbles up naturally and some vegetation can be grown
Great Salt Athodux Giant lake of salt
Kotig Abterlien The marshy swamps of Abterlien where the Lacertillians dwell
Jäger Tracklands Abterlien The blood red jungle where the Sun Drow and vicious beasts of hunt roam
Hokur Goitoan Torklynn A desolated city, once known as the great Iron City, is now a struggling corner of the Zynthian Empire


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