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A skill represents a focused aspect of an Ability Score.
Skill Games are a complex non-combative way to resolve some encounters.

Acrobatics (Dex)

  • Squeezing past enemies without provoking
  • Squeezing between bars or through Narrow spaces
  • High Jump
  • Tumbling
  • Branch/Rope Swinging
  • CMD
  • Out-manuever on a chase

Arcana (Cha)

  • Intuitive Understanding of Magic and Spells
  • Identify Magic Areas (Null, Wild, Stable)
  • Identify Spell Schools
  • Identify Magical Beasts, Aberrations,

Athletics (Str)

  • Climbing
  • Long Jump
  • Swimming
  • Activating and Defending against Combat Maneuvers
  • Bursting Objects
  • Bending Bars/Lifting Gates/Forcing Doors

Deception (Cha)

  • Lying/Deceiving
  • Feinting
  • Disguises

History (Int)

  • Knowledge on Nobility & Family Lines
  • Knowledge on War & Tactics
  • Knowledge on Geography & Politics
  • Knowledge on Past Events and Stories
  • Identify a Device
  • Identify Humanoids, Goblinoids, and the like

Insight (Wis)

  • Social Defense
  • Reading Body Language
  • Paralinguistic Communications

Intimidation (Str)

  • Rough Persuasion
  • Demoralizing
  • Thief Repellent/Re-roll Downtime & Lifestyle Encounters?

Investigation (Int)

  • Dedicated Perception
  • Finding tactile nuances
  • Finding hidden doors/traps/secrets
  • Investigating a Crime
  • Gathering information around the town
  • Finding the right book in a library

Larceny (Dex)

  • Stealing Things
  • Palming Things
  • Drawing Weapon on the Sly
  • Untying Hands that are bound
  • House Breaking
  • Lock Picking

Nature (Int)

  • Gathering Food
  • Foraging
  • Using Rope
  • Animal Handling
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Wilderness Survival
  • Identifying Natural Poisons/Toxins
  • Identify an Herbal Compound
  • Identify an Wortcraft Herbs
  • Identify beasts, fey

Perception (Wis)

  • Notice fine Details at a glance
  • See Hidden Characters

Persuasion (Cha)

  • Convince Characters of Things
  • Parley

Religion (Wis)

  • Knowledge of Gods and Vestiges
  • Knowledge of Religions and Saints
  • Identify Holy Symbols
  • Identify Angels, Devils, Outsiders and Undead

Stealth (Dex)
To Hide: 1/2 Cover (Disadvantage), Full Cover, or Heavy Obscuration
Search: Bonus Action/Reaction. Advantage if using Reaction.

  • Hiding from chumps. (Requires Heavy Obscure or Cover. Cannot hide while being observed)
  • Moving Unnoticed (3 steps for every 1), (In combat cannot exit Heavy Obscure/Cover or be seen)

Tool Proficiencies

  • Alchemy (Cha)
  • Armory (Str)
  • Chirurgey (Con)
  • Engineering (Int)
  • Herbalism (Wis)
  • Poisonry (Dex)


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