Desdemona Ⅰ

Reigning Matriarch of the Zynthian Empire


Formally known as Desdemona of Bainghan.
A powerful warrior and a proven brilliant military leader, Desdemona Ⅰ is the current seat of the Zynthian Empire of Torkylnn. This places her, at least politically, as one of the most powerful people in the Azurian Cosmos.
She is known for her striking eyes, and for fighting in front of her military.
Though her reign has yet been brief, it has already become controversial in popularity, as she seems to work towards the Complete Unity of Torkylnn under her Purple Dragon Banner.

Decrees that have been made in Desdemona’s Reign

  • Orcish Sovereignty: granting the Orcish Separatists their own Nationality (though they have yet to be granted land to build that nation upon)
  • The Arcadian Soil: Annexing the Elven Arcadia that heretofore stood outside of the Empire. This decree may lead to war.
  • Iron Amnesty: Granting the Hobgoblin Nation amnesty for the Iron War, and restoring them to their small nation known as the Iron City, Ferralia.
  • Orcish Lands: A redistributing the Orcish Boar-Tusk Hunting Tracks to the Orc Nation, a promise that requires co-operation from the Elven nation.
  • No Gods, No Masters: A declaration sanctioned by the Merchant’s Guild, all religion wherein one worships an Creature, God, or a Individual has been declared cultist fanaticism. The Bearer’s of the Mark has been disbanded as a treasonous cult, and the Inquirers have been formed to root out the practitioners of these forbidden faiths.

Desdemona Ⅰ

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