Armory Modifications

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The sword meets more blows on the forge than any battle.

Weapon Modifications
Metallurgy, Sculpture, Engineering, and many more are the armorer’s secret wealth of knowledge.
Armorer modifications are the result of non-traditional, yet creative, design and construction of weapons and armor that push the bounds of mundane ordinance. All armorer modifications can be made using Engineering Tools, and benefit from a spacious area to operate, such as a mage’s study, an herbalist shop, a tavern cellar, or alchemy laboratory. Armorer Modifications may have extraordinary effects that can defy the laws of physics, and are understood largely through History, but they are not in of themselves magical. This means Armorer Modifications cannot be dispelled or disjointed, and function as normal in areas of Null and Wild Magic.
It is almost impossible to purchase armorer modifications, as it is often seen as unprofitable work by many smiths, and dangerous to have one’s name branded on what are considered impractical weapons and armor.
Identifying armorer modifications requires an Strength (Engineering Tools) check of the same DC used to create it. An Intelligence (History) check made at disadvantage can also work.

Weapon Modifications Description Rarity Market Price
Mithral Gives a weapon the FInesse Property. Overcomes Resistance to Silver.
Adamantine +1 Ruin to Sunder Checks made with Adamantine weapons, Overcomes Resistance to non-magical weapons
Cold Iron Antimagic Material, +1d8 Damage to Eidolons and Disadvantage to Concentration Checks from Damage. Immune to magical efffects
Deadly Increases the weapon’s critical damage output to x3.
Chain Weapon Gives a light weapon the Whipping Property
Flight Gives a melee weapon the Throwing Property
Ricochet Gives a thowing werapon the Riccochet property. Number of targets equal to your proficiency bonus. Each target must be within a 20’ cube, and may make a DEX save for half damage. Targets outside your normal range have advantage on this save….
Cartridge Removes the Loading Property Uncommon 500gp
Barbed Gives a melee weapon the Barbed Property. sticks in foe, bleed, disad//dex
Primed Opening that can be primed with poison or grenade weapon as a bonus action to hold a charge which is delivered on hit
Melee Adaption Gives a Projectile Weapon the ability to be used as a Simple Melee Weapon.
Gunblade Advantage on ranged attack after melee attack with Gunblade weapons
Discreet Concealable, Hidden, Disguised, etcetera, adv//hide weapon, draw as free action
Defensive Bonus action to gain +1 to AC
Intimidating Gain Advantage to inditimate foes after successfully dealing damage with this weapon
Jury Rigged Disadvantage on Sundering Checks (and defense), Dirt Cheap
Keen +1 to Critical threat range.
Multiple Damage Types Can do Piercing, Bludgeoning, or Piercing
Rank Gain advantage on Charisma (Persuasion) and Strength (Intimidate) checks when dealing with specified culture.
Rough Weapon or Ammunition suffers -1 to hit, but provides +2 to damage
Sure Weapon or Ammunition gains +1 to hit, but provides -2 to damage
Armor Modifications Description Rarity Market Price
Mithral Light Armor is Concealable, Heavy Armor loosing Clanking Property
Adamantine “Cold Magic” – Confers to the wearer immunity to critical hits, and counts as magical for the purpose of determining the effects of spells and abilities.
Cold Iron Antimagic Material, Ignore Some Magical Damage! Immune to magical effects
Armor Spikes 1d4 damage on start of turn in grapple, and on failed grapple attempt vs you
Bracing Armor Advantage on Strength (Athletics) Checks to climb, and treated as one size larger for all Combat Maneuver defenses
Tailored Does not confer exhaustion penalties to its wearer for resting while wearing it, and can be equipped or removed as an object manipulation action. Additionally, it provides comfort to the wearer in both hot and cold environments.
Keel Doesn’t provide disadvantage on Strength (Athletics) checks to swim

Armory Modifications

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