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The dying plane.

Athodux is old, very old. Scholars believe Athodux is somehow older than any other material plane, and may even out date the elemental planes.

Athodux has excessively limited metal ores within it’s sands, salts, and crags. Iron, steel, brass, bronze, and even lead are rare metals on the desert plane, but Silver, Crystals, and Gems are all extremely common. Chiton and bone are the prefered hard-goods of athodux.


  • The Salts: Dead wastelands- many folks are banished to the salts as a means of dire punishment.
  • Shadow Shifting Sands: A largely Null-magic region where high flying sand-storms often blot out the sun.
  • Spirit Shifting Sands: A largely Wild-magic region where the sun almost never sets.
  • Reed Marsh: A shallow sandy-muddy marsh, where lush green reeds and enormous fauna exist. Home to the Kreen.
  • The Gem-Oasis: A large-scale kingdom of Mud Sorcerers with bitter feudalism, and regency worship.
  • The Dragon Tyrants: ????
  • The Ice-Wastes: ???
  • Poison Sands: ???
  • Undersands: Gem filled caverns where abberant things that enjoy bright light and the minds of mortals live.

Government on Athodux

  • Gerudo: Independent (Large Family Units, Governed by counsel from eldest, Regency in Emergency & Prophetic cases)
  • Kreen: Independent. (Small family units, military leadership in wartime quickly established, lack of authority in peace)
  • Gem-Oasis: Major Kingdom- Theo-Feudalisistic Union, the Vestige Jezule watches over the Platinum Ring (4), over the Iron Band (13), who is each responsible for governing a region of the kingdom. The Iron Band Self Governs with the Platinum ring functioning as the ministers of the union.
  • Dragon Tyrants: Single Leader, many peons, creates armies and provides meager shelter to them. Dragon tyrants and their roving armies war with one another, and Gem Oaisis, furious for being kicked out of their homes. Ocassionally attack the Gerudo, Kreen, or other semi-large settlements.
  • Needle Folk?

Religions of Athodux

  • The Midnight Star: Roaming Paladins who worship Handsome William and oppose the Gem-Oasis’s religion and leaders.
  • Hemmick: God of Magic & Power
  • Cloumi: Dragon-slaying Vestige of Vengence is common among ex-dragon soldiers.
  • Elementalism: The Gerudo worship the elements themselves, and often pay tribute to the four/five primordials.
  • Kreen: ???
  • Jezulian: A great Cthonian Vestige heavily worshiped along with other vestiges in the Gem-Oasis.

Unique Traits to Athodux

  • Psionic Gems and Deep Crystal grow here.
  • Brittle-Bug (Cousin of the Rust Monster) consumes bone and chiton
  • Rattle-Bug (Cousin of the Rust Monster) consumes stone and crystal


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