Lore of the Grey Dwarves

*Lore of the Duergar *

These are the guarded secrets of the Duergar Nation, Seat of the Five Mountain Council, Shareholders in the Orichalcum Crown, Loyal to the Dragon Empire, Watched over by Desdemona of Bainghan’s Uniting Banner.

These secrets are ill-known among common Duergar and the greater among other dwarves.
These secrets are well kept among the high Duergar, and the Church of The Manacle.

While Skjöldir, and their kin were created by the folly of the gods of the Azure Triskele, the Duergar have a record of history dating back far beyond what the scholars call Ghoros Tairai, the Before Times. Though no duergar from before are alive to tell the tale, their documents, and histories, their grudge-books date back far enough to have come about not long after the draconic Thrivcot, timeless age.
The History of the Duergar speaks of a world of great Kings ruling over top-sider Human nations, a world where Gods had fallen silent, and Human Toils were tearing the realm asunder. While others were complacent with their world shattering, the Duergar took to their underdark mines, and delved further and faster than before. The works of the Duergar Miners were dangerous, and many died in attempt to dig out of the Realm. Upon descending a then-common digger of the Nogrunli family uncovered The Orichalcum Gate, a passage way into the Shadow Currents of a New Realm, one that was not being torn asunder by magic depreciation. There was not much time, and only three noble five common families were able to pass through the Orichalcum Gate before it collapsed (or was destroyed, some believe, by Nogrunli’s own hand). Nogrunli was raised to Royalty in thanks for the saving of the Duergar, as they explored a young world’s underdark.
All that remained from the Orichalcum Gate was a crystalline ring, large enough to fit around a grown dwarve’s head, which was worked into a crown of resplendent beauty.

Long after the Duergar came into the New Realm, Skjöldir and their Kin, Jötkyn, Aulëan, and Azer came into being. Eager to make Dwarven Alliances (Duplicitous in nature, but alliances nonetheless) the Duergar came to the Skjöldir and proposed as Council of Five Mountains, a meeting of the Dwarven Nations to discuss their disagreements, their trades, and the like. The Council would meet every fifty years, or in times of conflict. With the Orichalcum Crown to pass every fifty years from one nations hands to another.
This agreement stuck deep, and the Dwarven Nations have ever since had a tenuous, yet stubborn and bickersome, alliance.

Soon the Duergar brought to the attention of the Five Nation Council, that Dwarves had no god of their Own. Humans, Dragons, Elves, and even Goblins had their own Gods, but Dwarves only had Patron Ancestors. The Dwarven God Gamble, was not a God of Dwarves and partially despised his own kind, particularity the Necromancerous Duergar.
This problem was discussed at length, over 200 years, but soon the Duergar had a solution. One of the first things the Duergar had found while digging in the caves of the underdark was the great corpse of a God. Dead God, Moradin was buried beneath the creation of the New Realm. How Moradin had died in the sundering of the realms is unknown, but it was said even Pelor had died in that change of times.

The Duergar chained Dead God Moradin to the bottom of Dronkarag, Thunder Mountain, a peak of incredibly hard stone that reached up beyond the aeries where even Rocs would nest. There they promised to conjure the Vestigial spirit of Dead God Moradin and bind it to the Dead God Moradin’s corpse. The Skjöldir forged unbreakable chains to hold the Dead God, in fear of Duergar folly or trickery. The Jötkyn forged a great hammer of Frozen Riverine, a tool to serve the Dead God’s new Reign. The Aulëan bound the Dead God Moradin’s wounds with gilded mithral thread, and begemed casts of truesteal with platinum inlay. The Azre crafted a Great Forge of Ignitious Steel, that would burn hot enough to warm Obdurium and Fold Amadaminte.
However, the Duergar had lied to their dwarven cousins, for it was not Moradin who they sealed within the body, but Laduguer was conjured from the Dead Old Realm, and bound to Moradin’s body.

When the Dead God Moradin Stirred, it’s mind was shattered, and it’s fury was great. Spirit and Body in discord with one another, the great dead god bellowed and pulled at it’s chains, and though it struggled and shrieked it began to hammer. Now the great mountain Dronkarag moves about the earth at disturbing speeds, even more distrubingly without upsetting the lands around it, always being followed by a wikid malestrom of fire and thunder, to the point where some Centuars have taken to following it, now known as the Storm Chasers, trying to protect those the Mountain may harm, and uncover its secrets.

The God Machine, Moradin is something of a Mindless Diety that Dwarves can draw divine power from, and it occasionally hammers out a great artifact or magical weapon, as it thrusts its cavernous self around the bottom of the world, dragging a mountain above it.

Few Duergar know that Laduguer occupies the Moradin Machine’s soul.
Few Other Dwarves know that Moradin is a mockery of its formal self, bound under the mountain
Most Believe that Moradin was raised through Holy Magic, and restored to power.

Lore of the Grey Dwarves

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