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Long Rest
Typically a long rest takes around 9 hours, and is most often divided into 3 watch shifts. Characters who need sleep must sleep for 6 hours in a day, and so typically 3 characters take a watch.
There are some minor downtime activities a character may do during their long rest, but they may only do one of them with any single watch.

  • Keep Watch: The Camp Guard must be vigilant and largely undistracted. Anyone not using their awake watch suffers Disadvantage on Perception checks against potential threats.
  • Train or Craft on the Go: Despite having a full 3 hours with which to work, a crafter or trainer only gets 2 hours of quality work in, which is reflected on the crafting and training tables under Crafting on the Go and Training on the Goin Downtime and Lifestyles.
  • Take a Short Rest: 3 full hours is enough time to take 3 full short rests, which may be used for attuning items, or anything else a person can do with a short rest.
  • Forage for Food/Supplies: A character can use Nature can forage for food, alchemical components, herbalism materials, or poison ingredients, or Engineering scraps, animal hides.

Part of foraging for food is dressing and preparing it for trail consumption.

Animal hides are largely for money.

To forage for alchemical components, herbalism materials, or poison ingredients, or engineering scraps, a character must be proficient in the appropriate craft.

A character makes a number of sp in supplies equal to their Intelligence (Nature) check.

(Water enough for one character costs 1 sp. Simple Perishable foods for 1 character costs 2sp. Dried Foods cost 5 sp. Sweets and decadence cost 10 sp).

  • Skipping Sleep: A character can forgo sleeping on a long rest. However if they do not sleep 1/day they suffer a level of exhaustion.

Short Rest
A short rest is one hour of low activity engagement.
Despite being shorter than a Long Rest, Short Rests have a tendency to be interrupted.


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