The Hierrachy of Athodux

The Iron Circle

  • Aumvor The Undying: Lich Mud Sorcerer of Death and the Return
  • Daedis: …
  • Ko The Dragonchilde: Emabassador to the Dragonkings (Platinum Band Bearer: Garnet)
  • Oiru The Blooodraven: Cocky young Bloodmage, Kenku.
  • Eyenne: …
  • Irdraz the Quiet: Silent ruler corpse of half-elf. Mummified in meditation, speaks in colored lights…
  • Lalotte The Cruel: Saltlake Desert Elf, chief justice to the Mud Sorcerers (Platinum Band Bearer: Ivory)
  • Nagiyat: …
  • Nala: Bon-Vivant, Society Farming, Least Stringent of Iron Circle and lives a life of luxury.
  • Tilyat The Chosen: Young Priestess of Life and Ruin (Platinum Band Bearer: Sapphire)
  • Ulshidar the Enigma: Vampire Sorceress, and master of secrets.
  • Visivius: …
  • Xialta The Betrayer: Ancient Thri-Kreen (Platinum Band Bearer: Emerald)

The Platinum Band (Vestigal Gods of the Iron Circle)

  • Jikyor the General [Garnet] (Wants to have the Supreme Army & Tzolo’s Love)
  • Tzolo the Seducer [Sapphire] (Wants to give birth to Jezule’s Child)
  • Oyallum the Necromancer [Ivory] (Wants to tempt Jezule into consuming Orcus)
  • Piyyat the Assassin [Emerald] (Wants the destruction of all things beautiful)

Another Jezulian Vestige

  • Rhez? Rhams? What was it? Ancient Dead Raven, Harth Vestige of Tombs and Dungeons.
  • Jezule (Cthonian Vestige of the Mud Sorcerers)
    Loathes Worship, but will infact reward any who bind him, bringing him back into the world. Likes that the Iron Circle Exists to bring awareness to him, Likes that the Bearers of the Platinum Band intent to resurrect him. Will kill all of them when that is done, as to leave him alone in power.

Gemstones Jezulian culture has significance for each gem stone.

Tourmaline Para-element of Ice (Water + Air)
Enstatite Para-element of Mud (Water + Earth), one of the most common and significant gems among the Jezulian. It also represents Jezule himself
Carnelian Para-element of Magma (Fire + Earth)
Nuummite Para-element of Smoke (Fire + Air)
Garnet Represents Strength and War, Mark of Jikyor
Sapphire Represents Charm and Diplomacy, Mark of Tzolo
Ivory Represents Death and Cunning, Mark of Oyallum
Emerald Represents Subterfuge and Betrayal, Mark of Piyyat
Crenshinibon The pinnacle of magic and value, prized for its magical resonance, and used most often in the creation of Demilich Soulstones

The Hierrachy of Athodux

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